GRE Instructor

Muhammad Umair Khan

Umair Khan has a score of 338/340 (168V, 170Q) on the International GRE Exam. He is a Fulbright Scholar (2018) and has a Master's Degree from Harvard University. He has been teaching the test for more than 5 years and has helped a lot of students achieve their target score. Umair's score of 338 is believed to be one of the highest scores recorded on the test by any Pakistani test taker.


Akbar Imran - GRE Score 324

University: FAST-NUCES

When I decided to take the GRE I had a total of 2 months of preparation time. My mock test scores were 155Q 151V. Initially I started to prepare on my own but very soon fell into despair when i could not see substantial progression in my mock test scores. Fortunately, i stumbled upon Quva from a Facebook post. I decided to enroll in the classes as I was already on the lookout for credible sources of prep guidance. With only a few weeks till test date, I took the classes regularly and solved all the questions assigned by Farukh and Umair. It was then that I started to score above 160 regularly in both verbal and quant. I was very much satisfied with my experience with Quva. The preparation material was relevant and content delivery was on point. Finally, when i appeared for the actual exam i scored 162V 162Q 4.5AWA. To prospective test takers I would suggest that there is a plethora of preparation material and an ocean of prep strategies that you will find on the internet, there is no point in dwelling on them as they will only lead to confusion and bleed time. If anyone is looking for the most apt, straightforward and relevant preparation for the GRE exam, Quva prep is for them. Good luck for your exams.

Sardar Hassan - GRE Score 331

University: NUST

Let me start off by saying thank you to you and your team for this rich learning experience. It has really made my GRE prep easy. Now let me get right to the point. I appreciate how you made clear at the beginning the types of questions to expect in all three sections. This made things easier and less scarier for me. And, the recorded lectures were really helpful, especially when I missed a few classes. Checking up on our progress every week really helped me to stay focussed and to do all my assignments on time. I liked how you prioritised explaining and clearing concepts more than focusing on time. I also liked how you’ve guided me between in centre and at home GRE exams. The time based assessments helped to get a feel of what it will be like in the real GRE. Especially since it’s on computer and it prepares me for the on computer test. And the fact that you use official GRE questions in the assessments is good since it gives a taste of what to expect. The queries class has been a really good way to having my questions and queries solved. It’s very rare, especially in university, that you get a separate class just for clearing up any queries. Furthermore, I thank Quva for providing me with all the required material which saved me a lot of money. The slight deviating off topic and into real life discussions was very welcomed. It just made things a little less formal and helped me to clear my head and refocus. The practice questions are in abundance, in fact the only problem I faced in this regard was faced was that there were at times too many questions to practice from. This experience with Quva’s online classes has been much better than my university’s online classes. You guys provide relatively way better explanations and have better tools to explain the concepts. I feel like taking a class in person and taking one online won’t be that different at all. In fact they might be on the same level. I haven’t felt any difficulty in grabbing the concepts.

Fatyma Ebrar - GRE Score 319

University: LUMS

Quva has seriously been a lifesaver to me. I am an engineer, working in the education sector for the last 4 years, away from the traditional testing services. Within a span of mere 20 days, the faculty at QUVA aided me in unimaginative ways. One thing that sets the training offered by QUVA with that offered by others is the paper attempting technique, which aids the students in scoring way higher than others. Alongside, the faculty compounds the confidence of the students manifold. It may seem small, but the little confetti burst it gives you after each right answer really pumps you up and gives you so much confidence. Both Quant and Verbal were seriously giving me sleepless nights, till the time I enrolled for the academy. Within the first week of preparation all my anxiety evaporated in the air like thin smoke. One thing I would forever be thankful for to Quva will be it’s dedication towards helping students achieve their goals. They post exam facilitation by my tutors in application process was something I would have never been able to do on my own. Eventually, I was able to ace the test with the score 319. Honestly, I couldnt be more thankful to QUVA for guiding me in treading the right path towards achieving my goals

Abdullah Malik - GRE Score 325

University: FAST-NUCES

I would first like to say thanks to this gem of a person, Sir Umair. I would not have been able to get a perfect score in quant if it wasn’t for Sir’s guidance and encouragement. I was able to improve my score from 306 to 325 in a period of 2 months. I can attest that QuvaPro is one of the best GRE preparation centers if you want to get a good GRE score. Before joining the session, I had one question in mind: Is it worth spending money on GRE classes when I can find the content online explaining all the concepts especially in the case of Maths? I can now answer this question. Yes, we can find videos explaining all the concepts. However, GRE isn’t just about knowing the content. GRE questions are advertently designed to make the test taker fall into traps worded so subtly by the test makers. The specific hard GRE quant questions that we did in the classes helped me in identifying my weak points, and weekly assignments helped me in covering these weak points. For someone like me who procrastinates and lacks discipline, it was important for me to have someone who can hold me accountable, and I could not think of a man more fit for the job than Sir Umair.

Hulma Naseer - GRE Score 318

University: NUST

I found the sessions at Quva extremely helpful. My weekly routine is quite busy and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to devote enough time to GRE practice, so the fact that these classes are conducted during the weekend is very convenient. The class size is less that 20 people, as a result of which individual attention is given to each student and students are encouraged to ask questions. The questions covered are the difficult ones so that students are aware of the hardest questions they should expect and they can practice the easy and medium level ones on their own. Assignments with all sorts of questions are regularly uploaded onto an online portal and can be completed at any time of the week. I personally found the sessions on the Quantitative section of the exam very useful because I haven’t done maths since A levels, and these sessions helped me learn the relevant concepts very well. The tips taught have made me gain the confidence to practice quantitative questions on my own, which has lead to me being able to practice a lot outside the classroom. I have identified what my strengths and weaknesses are and am able to find time to improve my weaknesses despite having a busy weekly schedule.

Integer Properties - Lecture 1

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Introduction to GRE: Complete Guide for Beginners

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are you guys better than the other test prep academies in my city?

    The best way to decide if you should join us is to take a free trial class. The reason we are comfortable giving free trial classes is because we are confident that our classes genuinely offer the highest quality instruction. And we want you to see it for yourself! We are one of the only institutes in Pakistan where the instructor has a 1. Record score on the GRE i.e. 338/340 (168/170 Verbal, 170/170 Quant) 2. Masters Degree from Harvard on the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship 3. More than 5 years of teaching experience and stellar personal reviews, with our Facebook page having 100% 5 star reviews. However, as stated above, the best way to decide is to just take a trial class and if you don’t love it, you can always opt out.

  • I am a working professional. Are your class timings such that I would be able to take the classes?

    Yes, majority of our customers are working professionals, so our sessions are designed to cater to their needs. Not only are the classes on weekends, but you also get high quality lectures of all the topics on our application the day you join.

  • Do I get recordings of live classes?

    Yes, you do. They are available on our application 24/7. You never miss out on any lecture.

  • I don’t want to study online because my experience hasn’t been good so far. Do you give trial classes?

    Not only do we give two three hour long trial classes for free, we also give more than 20 video lectures for free so you can see exactly how we teach without paying a single penny. Besides, our online classes are super interactive and are unlike typical online sessions.

  • How long does it take to prepare the entire GRE test?

    Some students take as little as one month while some may require as many as 6 months. Most students are able to prepare for the GRE in 10 weeks, if they spend 3-5 hours everyday.

  • I have heard you guys have an application where I can access all prep material even after the session ends. Is that true?

    Yes, you can access all prep material i.e. questions and answers, lectures etc for a period of three months and if you need an extension, we will be happy to add 2 more weeks for free! Almost all students are able to prepare in this time period.

  • What’s the passing score for the GRE test? or What is a good score for graduate applications/Fulbright Scholarship?

    There’s no passing score. You should aim for the median score of the university you are targeting or more. In general, most engineering/finance/computer science students can consider a 155 verbal/ 164 quant a safe score while most other disciplines (i.e. disciplines that do not require quantitative skills) can consider 155 on each section a safe score.

  • I am weak in math, but good in English. Would I be able to improve math in the time I have?

    Firstly, we recommend students not to reach such conclusion until they have spent some time preparing for the exam. Secondly, GRE is not a test of your English language skills, it is a test of your 'verbal reasoning’ ability - you can be proficient in English and still need to learn how to reason your way through textual information. Thirdly, the answer depends a lot on your degree e.g. most medical students are weak in math, but most graduate schools do not require a good quantitative reasoning score. There is only so much that you can control, so the best utilization of time and mental energy would be to learn and improve as much as you can.

  • I want to know about the Fulbright Scholarship and about how Master's/Phd admissions work in general. Can you help me with that?

    We have covered almost every single aspect of both the Fulbright Scholarship and graduate admissions in detail on our blog. Students pay hundreds of thousands of rupees to counselors to get the same assistance that you can get for free by just taking a few hours out and going through our blog ( and You can find detailed articles on how to write graduate applications as well as sample essays of successful Pakistani applicants. Please make sure to visit.

  • Do you just offer classes, or do you provide everything required for GRE preparation?

    We provide everything. This is a major difference between us and a lot of other brands who just offer classes. You don’t need to buy any books nor any subscription.

  • Another institute/teacher in my city teaches every evening for one hour; why do you teach only on the weekends?

    Firstly, those institutes teach 1 hour in evening during weekdays i.e. they teach 4 hours per week, while we teach 6 hours on weekends. Secondly, their sessions are 6 weeks long, while our sessions are 8 weeks long. Thirdly, we do not just offer classes, we also provide all the study material so that you don’t have to go through multiple different books to prepare. Lastly, we stopped teaching during weekdays because most employed students either couldn’t take classes during weekdays or were unable to study after hectic office hours.

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Course Content

Lectures and Practice Material

  1. 2
    • A Few Guidelines on How to Time Practice Sessions

    • How To Submit Your General Queries & Requests

    • How To Submit Your Assignment-related Queries

  2. 4
    • Highest Common Factor

    • Least Common Multiple

    • Highest Common Factor - Example Question 2

    • Highest Common Factor - Example Question 3

    • Example Question 3

  3. 5
    • Division

    • Remainder - Example Question 1

    • Remainders - Example Question 2

    • Remainder - Example 3

    • Remainders - Example 4

  4. 6
    • Quant Assignment 1 - Integer Properties I

    • Quant Assignment 2 - Integer Properties II

    • Quant Assignment 3 - Integer Properties III (Arithmetic of Even and Odd Integers)

  5. 7
    • Decimal Notation

    • Video 30 ((Rough Draft, Actual video is missing))

    • Decimal and Fractions - Part 1

    • Decimal and Fractions - Part 2

    • Decimal and Fractions - Part 3

    • Effect of Arithmetic Operations on Fractions - Example 1

    • Advanced Operations and Grouping Symbols - Part 1

    • Advanced Operations and Grouping Symbols - Part 1

    • Exponents - Advanced Operations and Grouping Symbols Part 2

    • Radical Sign - Advanced Operations and Grouping Symbols Part 3

    • Radical Sign - Advanced Operations and Grouping Symbols Part 4

    • Fraction Bar - Advanced Operations and Grouping Symbols Part 5

    • Fraction Bar - Advanced Operations and Grouping Symbols Part 6

    • Absolute Value - Advanced Operations and Grouping Symbols Part 7

    • Order of Operations

    • Video 44 (Rough Draft, Actual video is missing)

    • Example Question 6

    • Example Question 7

    • Example Question 8

    • Example Question 9

    • Example Question 10

    • Example Question 11

    • Example Question 12

    • Example Question 13

    • Example Question 14

  6. 8
    • Quant Assignment 4 - Number Line and Arithmetic Operations

    • Quant Assignment 5 - Exponents and Roots I

    • Quant Assignment 6 - Exponents and Roots II

    • Quant Assignment 7 - Digits

  7. 9
    • Percents

    • To Percents and Back - Part 1

    • To Percents and Back - Part 2

    • Percent Change or Difference

    • Percent Change or Difference Part 2

    • Percent Change or Difference Part 3

    • Example Question 1

    • Example Question 2

    • Example Question 3

    • Example Question 4

    • Example Questions - Part 5

    • Example Questions - Part 6

  8. 10
    • Ratios - Part 1

    • Ratios - Part 2

    • Ratios - Part 3

    • Example Question

    • Example Question- Part 2

    • Example Question- Part 3

    • Rate

    • Example Question 1

    • Example Question Part 2

    • Example Question Part 3

  9. 11
    • Quant Assignment 8 - Basic Percents

    • Quant Assignment 9 - Percents and Ratios

    • Quant Assignment 11 - Rate (Speed and Work)

  10. 12
    • Lines and Angles

    • Figures not drawn to scale

    • Introduction to Polygons

    • Polygon General Facts

    • Measure of a Side of Triangle

    • Recording of Geometry Class

  11. 13
    • Quant Assignment 16 - Triangles

    • Quant Assignment 17 - Circles and Cylinders

  12. 14
    • Expressions and Equations

    • Equations (2)

    • Equations (3)

    • Equations (4)

    • Equations (5)

    • Equations (6)

    • Equations (7)

    • Practice Questions

    • Practice Questions (2)

    • Practice Questions (3)

    • Practice Questions (4)

    • Absolute Value Magnitude

    • Absolute Value Question

    • Inequalities

    • Inequalities - Part 2

    • Inequalities - Part 3

    • Practice Questions

    • Practice Questions 2

    • Practice Questions (4)

    • Practice Questions (5)

    • Practice Questions (6)

    • Practice Questions (7)

    • Practice Questions (8)

    • Practice Questions (9)

  13. 15
    • Quant Assignment 12 - Algebra I

    • Quant Assignment 13 - Algebra II (Inequalities and Absolute Values)

  14. 16
    • Functions

    • Unknown Operator

  15. 17
    • Quant Assignment 14 - Functions, Sequences and Formulas

  16. 18
    • Coordinate Geometry Part 1

    • Coordinate Geometry Part 2

    • Coordinate Geometry Part 3

    • Gradient Chronicles

    • Practice Questions

    • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

    • Intercepts

    • General Equation of Straight Lines

    • General Equation of Straight Line Part 2

    • Bisector and Perpendicular Bisector

    • Practice Questions

    • 120

  17. 19
    • Quant Assignment 15 - Coordinate Geometry and Miscellaneous

  18. 20
    • Data Analysis: Measures of Central Tendency

    • Data Analysis: Measures of Central Tendency Part 2

    • Median

    • Median Questions

    • Median Questions Part 2

    • Equally Spaced Set

    • Equally Spaced Sets

    • Mode

    • Measures of Spread (Range and Standard Deviation) and Practice Question 1

    • Practice Question 2

    • Practice Question 3

    • Practice Question 4

    • Practice Question 5

    • Measures of Position: Quartiles and Percentiles

  19. 21
    • Box and Whisker Plot

    • Measures of Spread

    • Range and Standard Deviation

    • Standard Deviation

    • Standard Deviation Part 2

    • Frequency Distribution

    • Frequency Distribution Part 2

    • Standard Deviation Questions

    • Normal Distribution

    • Normal Distribution Practice

  20. 22
    • Quant Assignment 18 - Statistics I (Mean, Median and Mode)

    • Quant Assignment 19 - Statistics II

    • Quant Assignment 20 - Statistics III (Equally Spaced Sets)

  21. 23
    • Quant Assignment 21 - Mixtures and Venn Diagrams

    • Quant Assignment 22 - Combinatorics

    • Quant Assignment 23 - Probability

  22. 24
    • Quant Assignment 10 - Sequences and Series

  23. 25
    • Course Review

  24. 26
    • Quant Assignment 2 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 3 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 4 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 6 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 7 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 9 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 11 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 15 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 16 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 17 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 19 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 20 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 21 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 22 - Answers

    • Quant Assignment 23 - Answers

  25. 27
    • Verbal Assignment 1 - Answers

    • Verbal Assignment 2 - Answers

    • Verbal Assignment 3a - Answers

    • Verbal Assignment 3b - Answers

    • Verbal Assignment 4a - Answers.docx

    • Verbal Assignment 4b - Answers

    • Verbal Assignment 5 - Answers

    • Verbal Assignment 5a - Answers

    • Verbal Assignment 5b - Answers

    • Verbal Assignment 6 - Answers

    • Verbal Assignment 7 - Answers

    • Verbal Assignment 8 - Answers

  26. 28
    • Verbal Assignment 1 - Argument-based Passages I

    • Verbal Assignment 2 - Reading Comprehension Drills

    • Verbal Assignment 3a - Short Passages (Easy Difficulty)

    • Verbal Assignment 3b - Long Passage

    • Verbal Assignment 4a - Short Passages (Medium Difficulty)

    • Verbal Assignment 4b - Long Passage

    • Verbal Assignment 5a - Short Passages (Hard Difficulty)

    • Verbal Assignment 5b - Long Passages

    • Verbal Assignment 6 - Argument-based Passages II

    • Verbal Assignment 6 - Reading Comprehension

    • Verbal Assignment 7 - Reading Comprehension

    • Verbal Assignment 7 - TC and SE

    • Verbal Assignment 8 - TC, SE ETS OG (Easy)

    • Verbal Assignment 8 - TC and SE

    • Verbal Assignment 9 - TC, SE ETS OG (Easy)

    • Verbal Assignment 9 - TC, SE ETS OG (Medium)

    • Verbal Assignment 10 - TC, SE ETS OG (Hard)

    • Verbal Assignment 10 - TC, SE ETS OG (Medium)

    • Verbal Assignment 11 - TC, SE ETS OG (Hard)

  27. 29
    • Assignment 01 Arithmetic

    • Assignment 02 Arithmetic

    • Assignment 05 Arithmetic

    • Assignment 06 Arithmetic

    • Assignment 07 Arithmetic

    • Assignment 08 Arithmetic

    • Assignment 09 Arithmetic

    • Assignment 10 Arithmetic

    • Assignment 11 Arithmetic - Solutions

    • Assignment 13 Algebra

    • Assignment 14 Algebra - Functions, Sequences and Formulas

    • Assignment 15 Algebra

    • Assignment 17 Geometry - Solutions

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